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Mountain Belt Dark Brown

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The Mountain Belt is a serious piece of leather. Built from Hermann Oak's Old World Harness leather, this heavy duty leather belt is not for fragile hearts and delicate trousers. Purchase the Russet color hereBuilt as a work horse, not a show horse. It's meant for hard labor and hard use, and wouldn't do well to hold up anything dressy due to it's heavy duty frame.

Simply choose your pant size for fit. See Belt Fit Guide for details.


  • 13oz (.25") Thick American Harness Leather from Hermann Oak in St. Louis.
  • Traditional Harness just like your grandfather used. Stuffed in drums with heavy tallow for exceptional weather wear, thickness, ease of cutting, and durability in the field.
  • Strap Width Options include 1.5" and 1.75".
  • Colors include Dark Brown and Russet
  • Buckle Hardware is solid brass. (Matte Nickel is plated on solid brass)
  • The billet end of the belt has 7 holes spaced by 1" on hole center.
  • It is 6.5" from the center hole to the tip of the belt tongue.
  • See our Belt Warranty Information.

Due to the nature of drum dyed leather, color may not exactly match the photographed color. But they will always be very close. Expect your leather belt to darken and patina with age and wear. (See below)

Available in a Russet or Dark Brown color that is drummed dyed at Hermann Oak’s tannery in Saint Louis, Missouri. The waxy harness leather tends to resist the intake of the dark brown oil dye, and results in a fantastic antique patina. Accented with a large antiqued solid brass buckle, this belt has an old world class that is timeless. Secured with 2 screw posts, you are able to swap this solid brass buckle out for your favorite buckle with the simple turn of a standard screw driver.

Thank you for supporting independent and hand made.

"How beautiful this was when it was new. And how beautiful it still is, even though time has made it different".

See how the RUSSET MOUNTAIN BELT will age and darken.

"There's something comforting about knowing the face and name of the craftsman making something for you. An item made to order; however, is particularly whimsical and takes it one step further. Your soon to be special item isn't just sitting on a shelf waiting to be ordered, but instead, exists as raw materials, awaiting your order and a skilled craftsman's touch." Badger and Blade 


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