Belt Buckle

Need to replace your belt buckle, or just want an additional color option for it? You can choose from width and finish. Purchase screw posts here. These buckles are solid brass. One is antique finished with a clear coat applied, and the other is plated with a matte nickle finish and clear coated. 

Buckle widths are for 1.5 inch standard width, or our 1.75 inch extra wide belts.


Screw Post Removal

We typically use a drop of Blue Thread Locker when building our belts. This prevents the screws from accidentally backing out, since most of our customers do not change out their buckle. In order to nullify the blue thread locker, you will need to apply heat to the screw post while avoiding burning the leather belt. 

  1. Using a soldering iron or wood burner, lightly touch the hot tip against the screw side of the screw post.
  2. Allow the brass to heat up and melt the thread locker. 
  3. Wear a glove or use a rag on the hand that holds the post side, to avoid burning hand on hot brass.
  4. Unscrew the screw post using a standard screw driver.

If you are having trouble still, you can purchase a Screw Tool that allows you to clamp the screw post in place while unscrewing. 

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Port Wallets, Insider Wallets and Enfold Card Wallets typically go out a day or two after the order is placed. If you have a deadline, please contact us. We may be able to work something out.

Custom Requests: Closed

Our store orders are our top priority, and so we're unable to interrupt our work flow in order to accept any custom requests. If you're interested in your initials being placed on your item, we suggest taking it in to your local laser engraver. You'll receive a quality engraving, that is truly complimentary to your fine leather goods.

Items In Stock

Generally we keep Port Wallets, Insiders and Enfold Card Wallets built and ready to ship. Otherwise all leather goods are generally hand made to your order. Items marked as 'in stock' means that we have the material on hand to fulfill your order and that wait times will apply.

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