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Replacement Belt Screw Posts

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Sold as a set of 2 screw posts per order. These are the screw posts we use for our belts, that allow for an exchangeable buckle. It never hurts to have an extra set, should you ever lose one. Purchase extra belt buckles here.


Screw Post Removal

We typically use a drop of Blue Thread Locker when building our belts. This prevents the screws from accidentally backing out, since most of our customers do not change out their buckle. In order to nullify the blue thread locker, you will need to apply heat to the screw post while avoiding burning the leather belt. 

  1. Using a soldering iron or wood burner, lightly touch the hot tip against the screw side of the screw post.
  2. Allow the brass to heat up and melt the thread locker. 
  3. Wear a glove or use a rag on the hand that holds the post side, to avoid burning hand on hot brass.
  4. Unscrew the screw post using a standard screw driver.

If you are having trouble still, you can purchase a Screw Tool that allows you to clamp the screw post in place while unscrewing. 


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