“Aspire to live quietly,
and to mind your own affairs,
and to work with your hands.”

Welcome. My name is Chad Von Lind and I’m the founding maker
at a small work shop I call Craft and Lore.

The Brand

Craft and Lore is an independent design and build work shop, focusing on leather goods that are simple in form and function. Traditional materials and timeless methods are employed to build the things we use daily, yet take for granted. Goods that are heritage in quality, and heirloom by durability. Craft and Lore was founded by Chad Von Lind on January 1st 2014 and since then the brand has steadily grown. Michael Miles joined the team in 2015 and quickly became the primary maker. In September of 2016 Craft and Lore moved from a warehouse and opened a Brick and Mortar workshop and retail store in north Coeur d'Alene. 

Craft and Lore handmade leather goods with Chad Von Lind and Michael Miles

Craft and Lore Handmade Leather Goods in North Idaho


Information, FAQs, Shipping

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The Founding

It started with an old German hunting knife that founder Chad Von Lind wanted to build a custom fitted leather sheath for. It was his first piece, and he built it with an old set of tools received from a gentleman who used to make belts back in the 1970's.  For the next couple years Chad would be at his day job, but his mind was centered on each evening and what he could build next. He had spent over 10 years in the web and graphic design industry, but it lacked soul for him. He needed something tangible. Something that was real, and not just pixels on a screen. And leather was it. Eventually, Chad decided he was going to build a line of products and a brand to suit.

Living in the lake town of Coeur d’Alene in northern Idaho, Chad draws his inspiration from the alpine Rocky mountains and these great outdoors. He admires the maker movement, and the "live authentic" lifestyle that appreciates simplicity, and the timeless materials that our grandfathers knew and worked with.

His influences are in the old things and the old ways. In the histories of people, their folklore and the intricacies of their craft. His love is for mountains, rivers and woodlands; For simple unassuming things that are built beautifully and built to last. In heirlooms and in heritage; and that old American spirit as extracted from all the corners of Europe.  Thank you for supporting our independent workshop and quality goods as made in the USofA.


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The Axe Mark

Our maker's mark is the Swedish carving ax. It is said that a man in the woods with nothing but a knife will live well, but a man with an ax will live like a king. The ax represents one of the oldest tools of our ancestral makers. With it they survived the wild unknown, they created art, and they forged history.

Wholesale and Bulk Orders

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Handstitching leather goods

 Punching holes

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Leather work shop

Leather goods retail store in Coeur d'Alene Idaho