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Handmade leather wallets durable rugged USA PNW
Our signature wallets also come in limited runs.

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  1. Original Port Wallet Craft and Lore handmade leather minimal card cash wallet durable hand stitched quality rugged classic
  2. Port Wallet, Compact Slim Horween Chromexcel Dublin Leather Minimal Card Wallet Handmade Everyday Carry
  3. Worry Wallet Apple AirTag Coin Card Cash Handmade Leather Quality Wallet
  4. Enfold Card Wallet, Handmade Leather Alternative Pouch Wallet Style Wickett Craig Buck Brown Tan Patina Durable Leather
  5. Enfold Wallet Horween Dublin Handmade Quality Durable Alternative Unique Original Design Style
  6. Insider Wallet Handmade Leather Horween Chromexcel Dublin Quality Cash Card Minimal Compact Durable Heirloom Vegtan Patina
  7. Operator Wallet
  8. Insider Wallet, Handmade natural veg tan with Horween Shell Cordovan pocket
  9. Worry Wallet + Shell Cordovan Pocket
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  10. Twobit Wallet handmade minimal leather card usa made horween chromexcel everyday carry patina durable rugged quality
  11. Creasy Cash Wallet
  12. Handmade Leather Check Book Cover Wallet Horween
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  13. handmade leather clutch wallet quality durable horween cell phone case holder
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  14. Horween Shell Cordovan Port Wallet by Craft and Lore handmade leather rugged durable minimal card pocket
  15. Horween Shell Cordovan leather Enfold Card Wallet by Craft and Lore handmade durable rugged quality usa made heritage heirloom minimal front pocket
  16. Twobit Wallet Horween Shell Cordovan
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  17. Insider Wallet Horween Shell Cordovan
  18. Enfold Wallet Horween Shell Cordovan
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  19. Worry Wallet Horween Shell Cordovan
  20. Craft and Lore x Quiet Friend
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