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Belt Warranty Information

Warranty Return and Exchange


Our warranty covers product material and construction under intended wear and use. Our belts are intended to be worn with pants and carry normal accessories and gear, like holsters, knives, pews-pews, tools etc. Accidents such as bite marks, spills, accidental washing, carrying overweight gear on the belt and damage caused by misuse are not covered and will render the warranty void.

Hardware. If your buckle or Chicago screws fail for any reason please send us an inquiry at Hardware finishes are not covered as they will inevitably show signs of wear.


If the belt arrives and it fits within any of the 3 center holes, it is considered a fitting belt. The 7 holes are for use during the lifetime of the belt, and as your body and clothing adjust. Requesting a single size replacement belt may invoke a restocking fee.


Belts can be exchanged by submitting a form request within 7 days of arrival for a $20 restocking fee. Belts must be in new condition and show no signs of wear. Please fill out a return form to submit a request.


IMPORTANT NOTES: This fit guide is only relative to Craft and Lore belts. Any other belt sizes you have from other manufacturers do not apply to this fit guide.

Belt Size Fit Guide


Can you customize the belt?

No, we do not modify or make changes to our belt design. You’re welcome to enter your true waist size in the order notes during checkout. See the True Waist sizing question for more on that.

Will the belt dye rub off?

Some dye transfer can happen when the belts are new or exposed to moisture, though it is rare. A brand new black belt on light khakis may leave a subtle mark during break in period.

Will the Mountain Belt fit regular denim?

Both the 1.5” wide and 1.75” extra wide options will fit most brands of pants (Levis, Wrangler, Carhartt etc). The wider 1.75” belt can be snug in some pants with smaller loops and especially dress pants. 

Can I use my own buckle?

Yes, the removable screw posts make it so you can slip your own buckle on, providing it is designed for the correct width of belt you’re installing it on. It’s worth noting that cowboy style buckles likely won't fit.

What is the hole amount and spacing?

We punch our belts with seven holes spaced one inch apart. The center hole is 6.5 inches from the tip of billet.

How long does it take to receive my order?

Expect anywhere from 1 to 4 weeks to arrive. Each order is made by hand by our small team. Depending on the material on hand and hardware orders can take between 1-4 weeks to arrive. This also depends on transit time by the shipping company, and your location distance. For international orders, once the package leaves the United States we have no idea on transit times or your country customs wait times.

I’ve lost weight. Can you resize my belt?

Congrats on the slim down! Unfortunately, we no longer offer belt resizing. Our first suggestion is to purchase a new belt that fits your current size. Keep this one as it is for a backup belt, or possibly use it for another task. Otherwise we suggest cutting your own belt down to your new size.

Do you offer True waist sizing?

If you have a solid understanding on the difference between pant size and true waist size, you are welcome to enter your true waist size in the order notes during checkout. Our system makes use of a 5 digit difference. If your old belt measures 35 inches from the outside tip of the buckle to the hole you currently use (connection point to connection point), we would send you a 30W pant size belt. There are no refunds or exchanges for true waist measurement belts. Unsure? Just enter your pant size on checkout, and you’ll be good.

Can I change my belt hardware color?

Yes, you can! The hardware on our belts can be swapped simply by removing the Chicago screws and replacing them with the new set. You will find the other hardware colors in the belt collection.

Is my belt curving a problem?

No problem at all. A well worn belt will curve to your body shape, which is normal and something to be desired. Over many months of use, your belt will mold to your unique waist shape providing a more comfortable fit. 

Will my belt stretch?

Yes, a small amount of stretching is normal. Our Mountain Belt can stretch up to about a half inch. This amount is normal as leather fibers adjust under pressure, and should not be any concern.

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