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Enfold Collection

Enfold Collection
The Enfold Collection is cash friendly original design of ours. Simple, and minimal handmade leather pouch-style card wallet. Includes a quick access pocket for convenience and class.

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  1. Enfold Card Wallet, Handmade Leather Alternative Pouch Wallet Style Wickett Craig Buck Brown Tan Patina Durable Leather
  2. Horween Shell Cordovan leather Enfold Card Wallet by Craft and Lore handmade durable rugged quality usa made heritage heirloom minimal front pocket
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  3. Enfold Wallet Horween Dublin Handmade Quality Durable Alternative Unique Original Design Style
  4. Enfold Fullsize Wallet Horween Shell Cordovan
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  5. Enfold Card Wallet Rocado Shell Cordovan
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