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Top 4 Leather Patina Choices

Top 4 Leather Patina Choices

Which leather will patina the most?

In order to answer that, let's ask what is leather patina?

We're often asked what leather will form the best patina over time. The definitive answer will always ever be Natural Veg Tan. Leather without any dye added during the tanning process is what we refer to as "natural". But different tanning processes can produce a different color of "natural". Take for example Horween Chromexcel in natural.

Horween Chromexcel - What is leather patina? at Craft and Lore

Even though no color has been added during the tanning process, the color ends up a rich gray brown just based on it's unique tanning with blends of Horween's proprietary oils and waxes.

 So here are our top 4 leather options for those wanting to build patina.

  1. Natural Leather

    Natural veg tan leather Port Wallets with patina

  2. Buck Brown

  3. Horween Chromexcel Natural

    Horween Chromexcel Natural leather wallet patina

  4. Horween Dublin Natural

    Horween Dublin Natural leather wallet patina


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