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Comparing Minimal Leather Wallets from Craft and Lore

Comparing Minimal Leather Wallets from Craft and Lore

Which minimal wallet would work best for you? There's no such thing as a perfect universal wallet. Everyone has different needs, which means my perfect wallet will look different from your perfect wallet. So we've tried to cover the different bases, while maintaining minimalism and durability in the designs.

At Craft and Lore, we offer three main minimal wallet options: the insider wallet, the enfold card wallet, and the port wallet. We often get the question: “which wallet should I choose?” In this video we will compare all three of our minimal wallets, allowing you to make the best wallet choice to fit your needs.

First, we'll take a look at the Insider wallet. The largest of our minimal wallets, the Insider is the typically easiest to transition to when someone struggles with moving away from a traditional bifold, but still sits comfortably in a front pocket. The wallet uses a minimal folding design with 4 pockets. Each pocket can hold 3 to 4 cards, with a maximum capacity of 12 cards. The outside quick access pocket is perfect for your main debit and ID card, while the interior side is great for cash folded once.

Next, we'll look at the enfold card wallet. It has a unique design that uses a tucked flap to secure the interior contents. It is incredibly slim and comfortable to carry, having just two dedicated card pockets and one flap-slot to stick a few folded bills. We recommend no more than 8-10 cards plus some cash. This wallet, in addition to being a great card-holder wallet, also accommodates business cards nicely, and is often used solely for that task.

And finally, our most popular model, the Port Wallet. The port wallet is one of our flagship products, and remains the most carried design by everyone here at the shop.

This wallet is a single-piece, wrap-around design, with 4 pockets, all of which can hold cards and twice-folded cash. We often stick around 6 to 8 cards plus a lucky 2 dollar bill in ours, but the wallet can comfortably fit around 10 cards.

For the ultra minimalist we recommend our Twobit Wallet. A cut down version of our Port with only 2 pockets. The Twobit holds 4 to 5 cards and a couple bills comfortably.

The port wallet also has a slimmer brother, the 2-bit wallet, which simply excludes the final wrap-around. This is a great alternative for those who want to carry just the bare essentials.

Minimal wallets have been at the foundation of what we do here at Craft and Lore since we started. We believe that these wallets are a perfect alternative to the spine-warping brick most people carry in their back pocket.

That being said, leather fibers will stretch apart under pressure, but they will not come back together. We want minimal not... maximal. So remain consistent in the amount of cards you carry, and remember that less is more.

That's it for the current line of Craft and Lore handmade minimal wallets. We hope this video helps you in your search. Thanks for watching.


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