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Watch Strap Lineup Overhaul

Watch Strap Lineup Overhaul

We have recently overhauled our watch strap lineup

Over years of testing, we become very in tune with the strengths and weaknesses of different designs, leathers, and products.  Not only do we use these products ourselves, but we also receive great feedback from our customers that allows us to refine and dial in each of our products over time.  Because of different feedback and recent experimentation in new leather options, we have decided to do an overhaul to our lineup of watch straps. 

Buttero Leather

The primary and most significant update we have made to our watch lineup is the introduction of Buttero leather.  Buttero leather is a beautiful vegetable tanned bovine leather from the Conceria Walpier Tannery in Italy.  It is characterized by a smooth and consistent finished side, with a firm hand a deep, rich color profile.  The flesh side of the leather also has a tight grain that makes it perfect for reducing friction with leather-to-skin contact.  This leather, while perhaps requiring a small break-in period, holds shape and resists stretching and wrinkles better than our previous watch strap leather options.  The richness of the colors and the smooth, clean edges it provides makes for a professional and clean aesthetic that can be paired with even the most refined of watch styles.

Check out our NATO watch strap in the new Buttero leather.

Standard Watch Strap Style

Another large change we made to our lineup of watch straps is the addition of a traditional-style watch strap.  Previously, we only offered NATO style straps, as we believe that the redundancy of the NATO style provides the most security for your timepiece. However, over the years we have received many requests from customers who want to maintain a more sleek appearance with their watch.  Due to these requests, we have begun offering a strap style that does not loop under the watch, but rather only attaches on each side by the spring bars.  This allows the watch to sit much more flush with the wrist, and gives it an overall more low-profile and slim style. This style is great for those who want to wear a watch in a business setting, where spring bar failure is not a large concern.

Check out our standard watch strap style in the new Buttero leather. 

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