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Top 4 Camera Gear Accessories

Top 4 Camera Gear Accessories

Peak Design is a brand that creates stunningly well-designed products for photographers, videographers, and everyone else.  Their products range from camera bags, to tripods, to camera-focused luggage items.

 At Craft and Lore, we have been utilizing Peak Design products for our media production for years.  Starting with the Everyday Bag and moving forward to their straps, tripods, and incredibly useful Capture Clip, we’ve been blown away every step of the way.  We also know we’re not the only ones, as many of our customers, friends, and essentially the entire photographer community are obsessed with everything they release.  Their crowd-funding campaigns for single products have even topped 10 million in backing funds.  For these reasons and many more, we’re very excited to begin carrying these products that we have loved for so long, and even incorporating the utility of some of their designs into our own products.

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#1 The Everyday Pack V2 30L

This pack was our first encounter with Peak Design’s products, and boy is it a stunning product. Not only is it spacious enough to hold lenses, cameras, and accessories for large photoshoots or outings, but every square inch of space inside that bag seems to be designed to fulfill a specific purpose. 

Inside each bag are three configurable FlexFold dividers that allow you to customize the interior of your pack, and be sure that fragile equipment is protected from bumps and scratches. These dividers are perfect for lenses, tripods, drones and drone components, and a cold drink to crack open after the work is done.

On the sides of the zip-open compartments are stretchy pockets designed for accessories. They are sized perfectly for nearly everything you could think to bring. The design makes it easy to separate dead and charged batteries, cords, adaptors, charging blocks, SD cards, and hard drives. You can stock your bag with everything you could ever need, so you always have backup when something needs to be swapped out on the fly.

The bag is also designed with an easy, instant access soft pocket for things like sunglasses, keys, wallets, or other valuables that you might need to access at a moment’s notice.  Below the soft pocket is a padded, slim pocket designed to carry up to a 15” laptop, as well as a tablet.

The exterior of the bag is slim and aesthetic, with two water bottle-sized pockets on the sides. The straps in the front are padded for comfort, and have a removable chest strap to help for longer treks. 

One of our favorite design aspects of this bag is the swivel on which the straps sit, allowing the straps to conform to your shoulders so the bag sits snugly on the back and doesn’t create uncomfortable pressure on the shoulders.

Finally, the top flap of the bag is equipped with an innovative locking mechanism that makes it easy to open quickly, but also secure so that you can have confidence that your valuables will stay put should the bag turn to its side or upside down.

Overall, this bag is the perfect solution for photographers who need to carry extra equipment, or for travelers, who want to keep all their electronics organized and protected.  (Did we mention it’s the perfect size to fit underneath an airline seat?)

#2 The Slide Lite Camera Strap

 Although we love the look of leather camera straps, the Slide Lite is a great alternative if you are looking for a very utilitarian strap that has super fast adjustments for dynamic photo environments. 

The strap itself is carefully designed to be very comfortable, with seatbelt-style nylon straps that allow it to slide over clothing easily without causing any abrasion or unnecessary rubbing.  Although the materials used in this product are high-quality and worth mentioning, we think that the shining quality of this product is just how fast and versatile it is in its utility.  

The strap is equipped with two quick-adjusters that make adjustments almost mindless and automatic. One instance where this is extremely useful is when wearing a pack while still wanting to have the camera ready.  You can be confident that it will be hassle free, as quick and easy adjustments will allow the camera to safely and comfortably sit in front of you, while at the same time be ready to capture the moment whenever needed.

The other utility on this strap is the quick-release Anchor Link system.  The strap attaches to the camera on either side using small disks that click firmly into the slots on the strap.  We’ve never used a system that so conveniently and quickly allows that strap to be swapped out or removed.  We loved the design and utility of this system so much that we incorporated it into our own leather camera strap.  That ease of use is something that’s hard to let go once you’ve used it regularly for a while.

Overall, this strap is the perfect solution for a photographer who is looking for the ultimate in utility, sleekness, and versatility for their everyday strap.

#3 The Camera Cuff

The camera cuff is an elegant and unobtrusive way to secure your camera while on the trail or at a photoshoot.  It uses a simple design to attach the camera to your wrist and allow you to have confidence in your grip.  The material of the strap is similar to the Slide Lite, and the utility is there to match.  The strap is designed in such a way that if you were to drop the camera, the weight of the camera would pull the strap tight to your wrist, therefore avoiding what could have been a damaging fall.

Peak Design Camera Wrist Strap Cuff Photography Gear Peak Design Camera Wrist Strap Cuff Photography Gear

This product is beautiful and great for situations that require extra security when holding your camera over potentially disastrous environments like lakes and rivers.  It uses the same Anchor Link system used by the Slide Lite, so you can be confident that the connection points are solid, durable, and convenient to access.  This style of carry isn’t for everyone, but a wrist strap is the carry of choice for our very own Nathaniel Von Lind, who has been utilizing this product style for countless hikes and photoshoots over the years.

#4 The Capture Clip

The Capture is a product that really stands out from Peak Design’s collection, and is one of the products that saw them gain a lot of popularity in the photography community. Really, the idea is simple, but Peak Design executes it in such an elegant way.  

The Capture is a camera carry system that uses a bracket to attach the camera to the strap of a backpack, for secure carry and easy access.  The Capture is light, secure, and versatile, attaching to almost any strap style and giving you confidence in the way it rigidly holds the camera close to your shoulder.  This product is great for situations that require your hands to climb, adjust, or change your environment to get the perfect shop.  Just clip the camera to your shoulder and now you are hands free, without the worry of a camera swinging on a strap into potentially hazardous surroundings.


The Capture works great in unison with the Camera Cuff, as you can go from on-wrist security to clipped in without the worry of a long camera strap dangling off of your shoulder and potentially snagging on something. This Capture system is sleek and effective, and we think it’s a perfect addition to your current photography setup.

We hope you love these products just as much as we do, and find them useful and convenient in your photographic ventures.  We use these products daily, and have thoroughly field-tested them on our many hikes and adventures, so we’re proud to offer such a thoughtful and unique set of designs to our customers.  Be sure to let us know if there are any other Peak Design products that you love to use and would like to see us offer in our store.  Thanks for reading and we can’t wait to see how you all love and use this line of products!

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