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Craft & Lore x Nick's Handmade Boots

Coming Late 2019. The Craft and Lore Task Boot is a collaborative boot with Nick's Handmade Boots in our neighboring city of Spokane Washington. This listing is a place holder for the progress and updates regarding this boot. 

You can follow along with updates that we're posting on Instagram. Our intro post can be read here.


Task Boot Task Boot - Craft and Lore x Nick's Boots Collab

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We are still fleshing out details of this handmade boot collaboration that we have going with @nickshandmadeboots but I wanted to share the progress on the break in and field testing of the Craft and Lore Task Boot.

The goal with the CnL Task Boot was to build a hybrid work and dress boot. Something you can wear every single day, in a light to medium duty work environment, but can still be churched up with a spit shine for a dinner date or your Sunday getup. I'm not out fighting wildfires, but I do a lot of different work when I'm not in the leather shop. From remodeling, to landscaping, riding motorcycles and dirt bikes and spur of the moment hikes up the rugged terrain of the Northwest, I can be pretty active in whatever boot I'm currently wearing.

With Nick's Boots being some of the best in the serious work boot category, as they supply firefighters, loggers and linemen with a boot built to every uniquely shaped foot in existence, we knew we had the right guys for a durable long lasting boot. You'll never understand what you're missing in a boot until you're sized so exactly by a crew that cares as much for your comfort, as they do their brand reputation. We couldn't be happier with this collaboration, seeing that Nick's Boots modus operandi is in our same lane.

I'm field testing these Task Boots in a potential leather option we may offer. It is the truly authentic English Bridle leather from the lads at Sedgwick Leather, one of Britain's most prestigious and oldest tanneries. English Bridle is not any sort of leather that a boot maker would reach for when building their boots, but the resilience of this leather has had me wondering what I could build with it for sometime now. While the temper is quite firm, and the break in requiring that much more time, the trade off will be a pair of boots that will withstand and even ignore hits and scrapes that would otherwise be glaring on a typical boot leather. A long life indeed.

Expect to see photos dropping in with updates and even a really rad video we filmed of the team at Nick's crafting these beautiful boots. I'll have more details in the coming weeks as we iron out the logistics of this collab!

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