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Northwestward Field Notes

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See the Horween Dublin option for a more supple and refined leather notebook.

About The Northwestward Field Notes

  • Refillable cover comes with one complementary notebook. Buy more right here.
  • Handmade and saddle stitched in North Idaho. Stitching guaranteed.
  • Full grain quality leather from Wickett & Craig Tannery in Pennsylvania.
  • 6.25" tall x 4" wide. Thickness varies based on contents. 2 notebooks and a few cards make it .75" thick.
  • Sturdy 4/5oz thickness.
  • Fits any notebook 3.5in wide by 5.5in tall in size. Field Notes Brand, Word Notebooks, Moleskine Cahier, Midori Passport Size, Travel Passports, Rite in the Rain, Word Notebooks, Baron Fig.
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We're often asked what pens we use with our notebooks so we put this list together. Only the 2 small pens will fit properly inside the NWW, while all the full size pens we carry independently of the notebook.

Left to right: Karas Bolt, Tactile Turn Mover/Shaker, Ti2 Techliner, Tactile Turn Glider/Slider, TTPocketTools EDC Keychain Pen, The Move by Oliver Sha.

Machined brass pens quality USA made

Thanks for your support of independent American handmade goods.