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LIMITED - Green & Grey

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A limited run of our most popular wallet models using a combination of a supple rich green pullup and dark grey pullup. We only have a limited supply of these, and when they're gone they probably won't be back. If you like this colorway, jump on it while you have the chance!

To learn more about each wallet model, view the listing for The Port Wallet, The Insider Wallet, the Enfold Card Wallet, or the Enfold Wallet.

  • Twobit Wallet - 2 Pockets, ultra minimal
  • Enfold Card Wallet - 3 Pockets, minimal fits cash folded once
  • Port Wallet - 4 Pockets, minimal, fits cash folded twice
  • Insider Wallet - 4 Pockets, minimal, fits cash folded once
  • Enfold Wallet - 4 Pockets, holds 12+ cards comfortably. 



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