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Leather Balm

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Preserve your heritage leather goods with regular applications of our all natural leather conditioner and preservative. This 2 oz blend of natural waxes and oils will keep your leather supple and protected from the elements that dry and age leather.


Ingredients include Seed Oils, Beeswax, Tallow. Contains no peanut or soy. Non-toxic.

About Leather Care

Craft and Lore natural leather wallets are built from a latigo, which means it is waxed and oiled during the tanning process.

Natural Vegetable Tanned Leather
Natural veg tan leather could use a coat of Leather Balm before use. This will darken the leather slightly and give it a bit of a sheen. Sunlight and daily use will help darken the natural leather into a beautiful caramel color, with an added patina that is the benchmark of beauty to leather enthusiasts.

Oiled Leather (Harness and Horween Dublin)
These leathers have been treated during the tanning process, and hot stuffed with oils and waxes, which has them ready to go for you. This tannery treatment should last a good couple of months on most leather items, when combined with your daily use. Afterwards you can use a light coat of Leather Balm to rejuvenate the leather every month or two, as needed. Do note that using a balm can darken some leathers.


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