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Brass Nesting Dice

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The next incredible fidget toy from our boys at Hogdoggins. These nesting dice are hard to put down once you begin to play with them. Limited and serial numbered. 


Born from the need to explore possibilities. Made from one of our favorite metals to work with, Brass. Precision cut using EDM technology. And marked with a high power laser. These dice are hexagon in shape and are marked with 6 PIPs. Perfect cut and fit to nest one inside the other. Providing a very satisfying tactile feel when sliding it into place. 

Truly another fidget style item you’ll have a hard time putting down even to roll! 

The inner dice is held in with a small o-ring that provides just enough friction to hold it center in place. The perfect fit allows for just enough space to nest without scuffing the surface of the inner dice upon insertion. 

  • Solid Brass
  • Serial Numbered
  • Precision machined in Anacortes, Washington
  • Outer die: .875 x 1.575 long
  • Inner die: .625 x 1.480 long


#1 - #5 - Sold Out.

#6 - #10 - Drops on 11/25/21


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