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Bolt Action Bronze Pen

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Beautiful precision machined bronze pens built in Nevada by our friends at Smooth Precision Pens. These quality USA made pens make an excellent EDC pen and the bronze will patina and age beautifully with time and use. Upgrade your writing utensil to be one of the best. Ships ready-to-write with a Pilot G2 ultra fine refill.

Compatible Refills

  • Pilot G2 (Ships with Pen)
  • Pentel Energel Series - (Requires Trimming)
  • Pilot V5
  • Uniball 207 Gel • Uniball Jetstream
  • Schmidt 5888

Dimensions & Weight

  • Length - 13.20 cm / 5.2 inches
  • Width - 0.95 cm / 0.375 inches
  • Weight - 26g Bronze



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