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Switchback Brass Folder

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The Switchback is a limited run, precision built solid brass friction folder. It has been meticulously hand crafted by our friends at Hogdoggins and comes with a matching brass warranty coin for authenticity. Each unit is serialized making this a rare and wonderful collectors item. Designed and crafted in the USA. 

Expect an estimated 3 week wait time as we put finishing touches on these beauties. 

  • Solid brass body.
  • Green Canvas Micarta scale inlay.
  • Clip is reversible for both left and right handed.
  • 5oz weight
  • Overall Length 6.75in open. 4.25in Closed.
  • Edge: 2.6 inch Nitro-V Steel

Blade steel and design. The blades are EDM machined from nitro V steel. A proprietary leaf spring design machine into the blade helps provide a snappy open and close. Bronze phosphorus washers are made specifically for this knife.

“Nitro-V provides exceptional edge performance, high hardness, and extreme corrosion resistance especially in marine and wet environments.” Description from Manufacturer New Jersey Steel Baron

Body material. Naval brass is marine, high-strength and corrosion-resistant alloy containing 60 percent copper, .75 percent tin and 39.2 percent zinc. It is used in marine construction where strong, corrosive-resistant and hard material is required and is suitable for both salt and fresh water applications.


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