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I was lucky enough to find the chance to spend a couple days on the river in the mountains this past weekend. Of course I need to post the obligatory pack photo.Bushcraft Pack Chad Von Lind Little North Fork The Little North Fork river in the Coeur d'Alene National Forest. Little North Fork Cedar Bend Cedar Bend If you're looking for your next custom knife, you have to look up my friends Leif and Cody at Adventure Sworn. Adventure Sworn Bush Knife Adventure Sworn Bush Knife Cedar Trees Here is a prototype for a Dry Fly Fishing wallet. Made with a waterproof leather and authentic sheep wool. Prototype Dry Fly Wallet Prototype Dry Fly Wallet Fly Fishing, Chad Von Lind Little North Fork "Sometimes it is good to just sit and think. And sometimes it is good to just sit." Sit and Relax at camp Heath and Odin pup Adventure Kit Hammock and Sleep bag


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