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It's been 3 months since I put together a saddle leather collar for Odin our labradinger. The saddle leather has taken a pretty good beating, and Odin was just about outgrown from that collar. So after that test I decided to put together a collar that could take a beating like no other, and went with the best Old World Harness Leather from Hermann Oak in St. Louis. Comparing the worn collar with the new. leather-dog-collars-custom leather-dog-collars I have all confidence that this leather is about the toughest and most durable American tanned harness leather you can get. Coupled with hand hammered brass rivets on my anvil, this heirloom collar should be the last one you'll ever need. Buy one for your furry buddy in our shop. Thick Leather Dog Collar Harness Leather Dog Collar Sturdy Handmade Leather Dog Collar Custom Dog Collar Hermann Oak Harness Leather Solid Brass and Leather Collar Leather Dog Collar, Handmade Harness Leather


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